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Christian Kaps



Christian Kaps, a native of Washington D.C., lives and works in Cologne, Germany. After starting out in development aid and bumping around Southeast Asia for a couple of years he moved to film. He earned his chops on set as a PA, moved up to assistant line producer and then creative producer in Hamburg and Cologne working on over 25 features, TV movies and series for Wüste Film, Gebrueder Beetz Filmproduktion, and Brainpool TV. During a three-year stint in Bolivia he focussed exclusively on writing features and developing series ideas while completing the UCLA Professional Program in Screenwriting. As of 2020 he’s fully committed himself to writing and translating screenplays. Christian is a member of the Screenwriters Guild of Germany


2023 EVERY BREATH YOU TAKE thriller feature screenplay with Ben Münchow, supported by Film- und Medienstiftung NRW
2022 BELLE ALLIANCE adventure series (in development with Wüste Film West)
2022 THE SEQUEL feature film (in development with Heimathafen Film)
2022 WELCOME drama feature screenplay (selected for development through the IMPACT x NETFLIX DACH Accelerator Program)
2022 DAS ALLERLETZTE INTERVIEW drama series concept based on the Spotify podcast, with N’gone Thiam, Emanuel Tessema, Susann Schadebrodt (for Mia Wallace Productions)
2022 THAT’S JUST GREAT feature film (in development with Heimathafen Film)
2022 BURGUND drama series concept and bible
2021 MILA horror-thriller series concept with Philipp Osthus (for Wüste Film)
2021 BACKSTAGE music dramedy series concept with Ben Münchow
2021 THE (MOSTLY) MARVELOUS MURRAY animated feature screenplay (nominated for the German Animated Screenplay Award 2022)
2020 LOVE IN CASE OF EMERGENCY drama series concept with Kristina Löbbert (for Pantaleon Films)
2019 NIGHT IN KABUL horror feature screenplay
2016 VOYAGER 3 episodes of children’s adventure series with Trond Morten Kristensen (in development with Gebrueder Beetz Filmproduktion and Fabelaktiv), supported by MOIN